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"TryAgain: The New Way" Applies to a Variety of Challenges

Conflict Resolution:

People become very emotional in conflicts, and often act against their objective interests, turning down fair proposals. The strategy of "Try Again!" should be the underlying practice, each time making the proposal more appetizing. It is generally helpful for the parties to pre-agree to the strategy of Trying Again.

Depression, Despair Countermeasure:

The biggest danger in depression and despair is deflation, "losing the air from the tires", apathy, which nominally only deepens the sense of hopelessness, and in turn augments apathy and listlessness. The common strategy against such sense of 'dropping deeper' is to embrace false hope, believe in unreasonable rescue, which when it does not materialize, only worsens the situation. Instead, one should practice the basic strategy of "Trying Again", even if it is in its basic repetitive form. Things are never exactly the same, and the dynamics of trying and trying again holds off the pull of listlessness.

Strategic Planning:

The main issue in strategic planning is resource allocation. While the top objective should be pursued without hesitation, any lead-to objectives may be dropped or downgraded as necessary. It is so illuminating to ask the question: which of two competing objectives one would feel committed to try and try again, over and over? Or, which of the two options one would try again more times, and more tenaciously than the other? By so doing the sub-objectives are properly rank-ordered, and resources may be rationally allocated.

Innovation Productivity:

Steps in innovation are carried out in great darkness, since the relevant knowledge is exactly what is being sought, and what is being missing. This implies that innovation is a process that is marked by trial and error, by try and repeat, by coming back time and again, making rational and random changes each new round. Innovation productivity will benefit from the "TryAgain -- The New Way".

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