Gideon, S. "Teacher": Like many modern scientists and engineers I wrestled with issues of robotics and artificial intelligence. This led me to questions that are usually the purview of theologians, philosophers, psychologists, and sociologists. But unlike these theoreticians, an AI engineer must by the end of the day write a protocol, a program, an algorithm. No literary description will do. And what he writes ends up tested in the field. So we face the challenge of how to direct a machine, or a piece of software to handle surprises -- otherwise these 'creatures' are not intelligent. It is impossible to code a specific response to all possible occasions. A principle is needed. And it turns out that the most effective maxim is "try again". Of course, with some variety, but the principle is strong: try again! So why not take this engineering insight and translate it to good human advice -- and there you are. Write to me for more:

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