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As controversial and disputable as its origin and circumstances are, the literary and human value of this most popular of all books is beyond debate. To appreciate the talent and the wisdom that is packed into it, one has to read the Hebrew Bible in its original Hebrew. The prevailing translations are all (naturally) agenda driven.

The Hebrew Bible owes its popularity to the landmark decision of Christian leaders to include it as the "Old Testament" along with the "New Testament" and canonize them both (probably in the 5th century). The corresponding translations (notably King James') were prepared to support the Christian agenda. In modern times most christians (and Jews) have abandoned the notion that the Bible (old and new Testaments) are literarily true, leaving the literary edifice to tower over its impressed readers.

This incomplete thematic translation of the Hebrew Bible is prepared in light of the premise of "Try Again" as the Universal Human Imperative. It is a distillation of the underlying premise of the Hebrew Bible, that God is 'beyond' us (The Hebrew meaning of the word 'hebrew' is 'beyond'). This new take on the Bible, incorporates modern science (it's written by a scientist), and it is consistent and complementary to everything humanity learned since the time the Bible was written. This translation (still in a draft form -- comments solicited) is written with the agenda of supporting the TryAgain -- Universal Human Imperative.

Gideon, Try@TryAgain.com.