Chronicles Part II

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36 Chapters in the last Book of the Bible Kovets

  • Chronicles B 1: King Shlomo Asks for Wisdom and Science not Wealth, not Revenge

    18 verses. King David dies, and his heir, King Solomon sacrifices a thousand sacrificial animals on the altar set up by his father. That night King Solomon has seen God in his dream where God asks him to voice his request. King Solomon asks for wisdom and science to rule well, and God is impressed that he did not ask for wealth, not for revenge over his enemies, not longevity, not great honor. Then King Solomon does become rich and lots of gold and silver finds its way to Jerusalem,

  • Chronicles B 2: King Solomon Contracts Enthusiastic King Hiram of Zor to help with the Temple

    17 verses. Solomon pays handsomely but asks for the high quality pine trees of Lebanon, and a lineup of top quality craftsmen to build the most glorious building to the glory of the Greatest God. King Hiram acknowledges the prominence of Israel's God, is very cooperative, and ingeniously rolls the pine trunks to the sea, where they are being tied together and sailed to Jaffa, from where King Solomon's people shlep them up the Jerusalem.

  • Chronicles B 3: Construction details for King Solomon's Temple

    17 verses replete with measurements and description of gold plated, and precious stone inside the hallo rooms of the Temple in Jerusalem.