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A practical organizer, who leads the return of Israel from Babylonian exile. 10 chapters.

  • Ezra Chap 1: The King of Persia decides to rebuild the Temple of Jerusalem and Sends the Israelis to do it.

    11 verses. Just a year on the throne, and Koresh the king of Persia reached an interesting resolution to respect other Gods, and so he decides to rebuild the destroyed Temple, and orders the people of Israel to raise money, march to Jerusalem and construct the Temple.

  • Ezra Chap2: Listing the families, and the family groups, and tribes as they sequenced up to the big Retrun

    70 verses. Detailed list of families by their head, and their count, like 'the children of "hasham" -- 123'.

  • Ezra Chap 3: Re-starting the Jewish rituals in Jerusalem with a great joy of resurrection!

    Verses 13: good organization, good funding, and the House of God begins to be erected, the Torah holidays are being observed, and the old folks who remember the Old Temple are very excited, some cry and some celebrate!

  • Ezra Chap 4: other people get interested in the rebuilding of Jerusalem Enterprise

    24 verses. mostly in Aramaic, wheeling and dealing about who does what about this rebuilding enterprise.