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Esther A wise beautiful queen of a foreign king who averts a horrible decree against the Israeli diaspora in Persia. 10 chapters

  • Esther Chap 1: King of Persia is dishonored by His Disoedient Wife, and Takes Action

    22 verses. Achashverosh, The King of Persia -- an empire encompassing 127 states -- called for a lavish 7 days celebration with free drink to all. His wife, Vashti, has carried on a party too. And when the king summoned her, she turned him down. The king's advisors told him that to let it pass would be very consequential on man-wife relationship in the empire, and prevailed on him to issue an edict for wife obedience -- to be run in all corners of the empire.

  • Esther Chap 2: Esther, hiding her Jewishness, is selected to replace the offensive former queen of Persia.

    23 verses. King Achashverosh is done with his disobedient queen Vashti, and orders a state wide search for her replacement. His clerks dutifully assemble good looking virgins for the king to select from. Esther, a Jewish orphan, raised by her uncle Mordechai, is spotted and taken away. Mordechai stressed out instructs Esther to remain silent about her Jewishness, and so she does. Esther is prepared for her showing in the king's harm, as Mordechai is secretly watching around. The king likes Esther the most and gives her the crown. Esther remains mum regarding her Jewishness. Mordechai lingering about the palace happens to hear that two officers plan a coupe. He tells Esther, and she tells the king who catches the executes these officers.

  • Esther Chap 3: Hamman -- a trusted minister -- gets King Achashverosh to allow him to order a total extermination of the Jews throughout the kingdom.

    15 verses. Hamman argument is that the Jews populate all the many states in the empire, they don't integrate, they keep to themselves, and don't subjugate themsevles to the empire. The king given Hamman the royal ring to carry out the plan of butchering man, woman, and child of the Jews. Hamman unleases a very well organized campaign, and drinks happily with King Achashverosh. The capital Shushan is embarrassed.

  • Esther Chap 4: Mordechai prevails on Esther to risk her life and beg for her people

    17 verses. The Jews throughout the Persian kingdom are shocked and forlorn, they mourn and cry. So does Esther's uncle Mordechai. Dressed with torn clothes he paces outside the palace until word comes to his niece, the queen. She finds out about the pending calamity, but hesitates to approach the king unsolicited. Mordechai chides her for her hesitation, and Esther agrees to risk an uncalled for approach to the king. She asks Mordechai and the Jewish community to pray for her.

  • Esther Chap 5: Esther executes a delicate plan to win over the King; Mordechai is targeted for hanging.

    14 verses. Esther puts on an alluring dress, and gets herself noticed by her husband the King, who is overflown with generosity, offering to meet Esther request up to half the kingdom. Esther says she prepared a drinking party for him and Hamman. The King is eager to come, and summons Hamman. Hamman, by now is of very high regard in the court, and brags about it to his wife Zeresh, and his admirers, and he also complains that Mordechai, the Jew who lingers at the palace gate showing no respect to Hamman is a source of annoyance. His wife and the others suggest he build a hanging tree for Mordechai, and prevails on the king at the drinking party to authorize the hanging.

  • Esther Chap 6: Hamman plans to finish off Mordechai, and ends up exalting him -- a very story like twist of fate. w

    14 verses. It so happened that King Achashverosh could not fall asleep, and asked for the book of the kingdom record to be read to him. He was read an obscure chapter detailing how Mordechai warned the king ofa coup, and was found right. Realizing that Mordechai was never shown gratitude for his life saving advice, the kind decided to rectify the situation. Hamman happened to be walking buy and the king asked him what shall be done to a person to whom the king wishes to show gratitude. Hamman mistakenly supposed the king refers to him, and let his imagination loose, describing an honoring parade throughout town, with repeated shouts: so will be done to the man, the king appreciates! The king shocked Hamman when he revealed his exaltation target to be Mordechai, and bade him to keep to the tee all the parts and all the exaltation fixtures he so gushingly described. And so it came to be that instead of prevailing on the king to hang Mordechai, Hamman ended up exalting him. Returning home to his friends and wife, Zeresh with total humiliation, and Zeresh tells her husband, Mordechai is a jew, you will fall before him!

  • Esther Chap 7: Esther the diplomat saves Israel and condemns Hamman!

    9 verses. After the above affair, it came time for Esther's party she concocted as an opportunity to sway her husband the king from his Order to annihilate and enslave the Jewish people throughout his kingdom. The king summoned Hamman, and they were both present when Esther skillfully asked for the horrific order to be cancelled, and implicated Hamman as its blameworthy culprit. The king them walked away for a bit, and Hamman realizing that his only hope is to gain the compassion of the queen, has thrown himself on her bed with complte supplication, and just then the king walked in, suspected that Hamman is seducing his wife, which was just the extra rage he needed to turn on his top advisor and order his hanging -- which happened on the 50 arm length tall mast prepared by Hamman against Mordechai, and then, only then, the king calmed down.