The Song of Songs Sizzling rapture of love and last

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The Song of Songs Sizzling rapture of love and last in short eight chapters

  • Song of Songs 1: love song, steamy and explicit

    17 verses. A gushing expression of the joy of sexuality among the young, the fresh, the forbidden.

  • Song of Songs 2: uncontrolled overpowering love making as Spring awakens the flesh

    17 steamy verses. Narrated by the woman who likens her lover to an apple in the forest. Stating plainly how she enjoys pleasing him with oral sex, and how his erection is like a raised flag of love upon her. Admitting she is love sick, and warning young girl from premature awakening of the love storm. exceptionally poetically powerful.

  • Song of Songs 3: Looking for love, warning about love too early, royal love!

    11 verses: passionate lover, her bed empty, scouts the streets until she finds a lover, drags him home, and 'ties him down'. Because love is so fiery, a warning is issued: don't rush the passion, let it ripen on its own. The last verses describe the lucky love mate of the kind, enjoying the magnificent royal love bed, surrounded by hero solders.