The Book of Job (Yiov)

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The Book of Job (Yiov) 40 chapters: a test of faith

  • Yiov (Job) Chap 1: A harrowing test of faith

    22 verses. Yiov was a blessed man: family wise, assets wise, socially high. He was also a man of deep faith, as pointed out by God while in conference with his sons, including Satan. Satan argued that Yiov's faith is contingent upon his good fortune. God then gave Satan license to harm Yiov interests, except harming him in person. Satan wastes no time, and in quick succession Yiov loses his herds, his abode, his children. Shaken Yiov tears off his clothes and utters the inspiring earth shuttering phrase: God had given, God has taken away -- Let God's Name be blessed!

  • Yiov (Job) Chap 2: Another test of Faith -- Satan pursues the limit of faith

    22 verses. Having remained steadfast faithful and God fearing, Yiov, humiliates Satan in the divine conference of angels, and the latter argues that Yiov only care about his self, not his family, and gets God to give him license to hurt the man physically. Yiov is hit with a painful itchy skin disease (Shchin), and cries out in pain. His wife urges him to curse God, and let God kill him and rescue him for that. Yiov replies: "We have accepted the good that God showered us with, should we reject the bad He decides for us?" and he refused to curse God. Three old friends, Elifaz, Bildad, Tsofar, hear about Yiov misfortune and convene to console him. They don't recognize him, so downgraded was he, and together they cry and mourn for his unbearable pain. For seven days they mourned together, not exchanging a word.

  • Yiov (Job) Chap 3: Yiov laments his life, and curses his being -- the pain overwhelms him

    26 verses. Yiov responds to the crashing pain by cursing his birth event, wishing he were never born. Yiov asks why did not he die in birth, why had be met his mother's knees, and her teats. Had he died as an infant he would not have suffered today, he would have been "asleep" and calm. Yiov he realizes that death is escape to the grim sufferers, mentions the many who wish their death, and search hard for it, to be raptured with joy upon finding it. Yiov concludes by admitting his fear, stating that in the good time he always feared a calamity, which indeed came upon him. "I have not been calm, neither pacified, nor tranquil -- just irritation, hassle and anger.

  • Yiov (Job) Chap 4: Elifaz the Yemenite Presents a verse of Awe before the Divine

    21 verses. I am so terrified of the mystery, the power, the storm of the world -- all God's work. So I worship Him and submit to him, arguing not against him, since how poor my wisdom by comparison.

  • Yiov (Job) Chap 5: Ode to the faithful facing hard work yet soar!

    27 verses of wisdom in faith, trust in God, dismissal of anger and envy, recognition that man is born for hardship, yet his sparks lift him up! 2: "Since the stupid one will be killed by anger, and the idiot would die of envy" 7: "Because a man is born for hard work, but those who recognize the spark in them do soar and rise above". 16: "Blessed is the man disciplined by God, and the bidding of the Allmighty dismiss not!" 8: "Alas, I for one do seek God, and towards the Almighty I aim my prayer". 9: "He makes grand and big happenings for which we have no insight, constructs wonders beyond count" 6: "See, from dirt in the ground comes not sin, and from the soil does not emanate trouble" saying sin and trouble are the results of us steering away from God, and getting our psychology skewed.