The Book of Psalms

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150 poetic chapters: The author, King David in most cases, writes personal intimate prayers, pens lamentations, hope, sadness, fear, and above all David expresses a steadfast belief in God's wish, and the goodness of His plan.

  • Psalm 4: Confidence in God's taking care of the prayerful

    9 verses. David, when I am narrow with grief, you broaden my vista with help. My honor amoing men in in the abyss, but you see to my prayerful heart. Poeple are full of emptiness and lies, and you God you discriminate the graceful prayerful. I sleep well at night knowing I am being take of.

  • Psalm 10: 10 verses: wonder lyrics why God does let the evil doer move ahead with his plans, feeling so confident that the way is his.

  • Psalm 24: A burst of glory to God -- King of everything

    10 short verses. Sweeping poetry depicting the celebration of all, including the gates of the universe to the passing through of God King of All, mentioning the graced, and the blessed, the children of Ya'acov.

  • Psalm 30: A call to praise God the savior, the source of joy, whose withdrawal brings scare

    13 verses. I shall exalt you God because you took care of me, and prevented my enemies from rejoicing in my defeat. God, I cried to you, and you provided remedy for me. My soul was down in the abyss, and you pulled it out. Sing to God, all you worshippers, be grateful for the glory of his holiness. In a whiff he breathes life, with his will a crying night will turn to a joyful morning. I was so arrogant believing in my own power, no need for help, but you God has shown me that when you withdraw from my mind, I get scared to death. Panicked I prayed and pleaded with you, forwarding a strong argument: if I return to dust how will you God be praised? Listen to me God, have pity on me, help me out, turn my mourning to a dance, charge me with joy. I shall never stop my praise, forever will give you praise.

  • Psalms 35: Desparate cry out to God for help and rescue, damning the enemies, extolling the friends.

    28 verses. David asks God to fight his battles, to fend off the enemies, to bring calamity on the pursuers. David proclaims that all his bones say in unison God delivers the poor from the strong, the impoverished from his robber. David torments himself, fasts, and at a point is disappointed that his prayer returns to his bosom. But by the end of the psalm David is exuberant with joy and halleluya to God's deliverance.

  • Psalm 40: a song of gratitude for past salvation and request for another rescue

    18 verses. A poem by David, praising God for past rescue. David felt that he is sinking in soft clay but God pulled him out and set David on solid rock, and also charged him with a new spirit (a new song). David says, how good is it to put your trust in God, full of mercy. Then David calls for a present trouble and asks God to redo His miracle -- fast, David begs to God: "Don't be Late!"

  • Psalm 48: Descriptive Poetry of the architecture and scenery of glorious Israel basked in Divine Justice

    15 verses of fine poetry depicting rising towers, breathtaking natural beauty and the reign of divine justice.

  • Pslam 53: lamenting the faith dearth of the cynic wise guy

    7 verses. The educated and arrogant dismisses the possibility of the existnce of God, it is the disease of educating prick. However, David envisions the day when God will return his dislodged people, and Ya'acov will rapture with happiness and Israel will be in joy -- the faithless will be turned around, the message appears to be.

  • Psalm 60: God not man is the support for victory in battle!

    14 verses. David: When you God neglected us, no armies and no arms saved us be wtih us, we pray to you, you are the source for victory!

  • Psalm 64: prayer for help against bad mouthers

    11 verses. Drawing God's attention to those who bad mouth, and ill speak of God's lover, exalting God to help and restore His faithful.

  • Psalm 69: Distressed, drowning, swept away, David prays for Divine Rescue

    37 verses. A poem of the triumph of the roses. David drowns, swept away with gushing waters, surrounded by more enemies than hair on his head, he cries for God to turn his fortune. Saying: my stupidities are known to you, my indiscretions too. I am dressing a mourning gown, rubbing with dirt, look strange to people around, all in solemn prayer for your salvation. As the poems runs ahead David is armed with confidence that the worshippers of God will be blessed and protected by him.

  • Psalm 81: worship God and enjoy His protection, looking to others -- face God's wrath. 17 verses.

  • Psalm 85: Prayer for God's Forgiveness and having another chance

    14 verses. Poetry by the Korach family. Asking God not to continue with anger, grace Israel with God's presence, this time the people of Israel will rejoice with the divine prospect. Profound line, verse 11: when God comes to reside in Israel, grace and truth will be in harmony, justice and peace will be kissing each other. Truth will be detected in the ground, but justice comes from heaven.

  • Psalm 91: The Warrior's Comfort

    16 verses: God imbues the worshipping warrior with comfort, defense, salvation, protection, longevity, and overcoming bad chances: a thousand will be hit on one side, and ten thousands on the other side by the comforted worrier will not be touched. His foot will dominate snake, squash lions, and subdue crocodiles. God will notice the faith of the warrior and gift him salvation. Psalm 98: Music, Horn, and Trumpet Horreah for our God of Justice over the Earth!

    9 verses of arousing sentiments to hail to the Creator of Tevel (the space where the world sits) and all that is in it. God's presence will manifest itself to all the 'nothingers', and 'nobodies' on earth -- Joy, noise, and music, cheer, cheer God!

  • Psalm 100: Praise God -- Good is He, Durable, and our Creator He is

    5 verses: Praise God, walk into His gates. Remember that God created us, and not we. We are God's cattle. For God is good and eternal.

  • Psalm 101: Clean house from ill-stubborness, walk innocent, just, Godly

    8 verses: David proclaims commitment to God's justice. Innocence and broadness of spirit. Bashing the stubborn-narrow. Inviting the trustworthy.

  • Psalms 102: The downcast implores God to help, describing his plight.

    29 verses. A prayer by the poor, wrapping himself and pouring his bitterness before God, flesh was glued to bone, oppressors hurting me, eating ashes as bread, hiding my lies in my sobbing. And through the agony, I praise the Lord God, the builder of Zion, the eternal, ruling over generations to come.

  • Psalms 106: Reciting the repeating unfaithfulness of Israel, hope for solid faith ahead

    48 verses: episode by episode description of the old familiar sequence: Israel is in trouble, praying to God. God delivers help, and the people are all grateful, only that this gratefulness fades away; the heathens around seduce Israel to go astray. 15: "And God gave Israel their shallow request, which in turn made their soul meager and deficient" 18: "And they bowed before a mask!" 47: "God our Lord, do assemble us from being strewn among the nations, so we can praise the holiness of your name, and upgrade and improve our own being through your grandeur.".

  • Psalms 110: God's glorious triumph over Israel's Enemies

    7 verses. God will give his support to subdue the head of Israel enemy under Israel's feet. Recalling of birth right sanctity and generosity and Justice. There will be corpses, a lot, and smashed heads. Israel is drinking from God's river and on so will Israel's head rise!

  • Psalm 118:

    29 verses of gushing poetic sizzling hope and trust in the might and sight of God Almighty triumphing over men of human force, and opening gates of victory for his believers to march through. A remarkablle poem of arousal and revival!

  • Psalm 120:

    7 verses. Call to God to keep the poet truthful, not decietful. He has lived with war types, and has perhaps tried to fit, and spoke war. Alas, he is a man of peace, and this message should be truthfully expressed.

  • Psalm 121

    8 verses: The poet looks for a source of strength and comfort, and concludes that it is vested in the creator of heaven and earth. God is never asleep and never negligent in safeguarding Israel.

  • Psalms 124

    8 verses: God was our help when powerful men came on us to trap us. Thank you God for allowing us to escape from their fury, fly away like a bird from a cage.

  • Psalms 133

    3 verses: the pleasantness of friends and brother sharing a sitting, rich with oil and blessing of life, it is the gift of God to us, his servants.

  • Psalms 140: prayer to be saved from an a strong evil man training on David

    20 verses. outright cry to God to be saved from the planned evil on David the victim. Special attention to evil sweet talkers and to those who target the poor. The righteous will praise you, God!

  • Psalms 145: a warrior (David) praising the lord, teacher of war fighting, facilitating victory

    15 verses. God is my rock, teaching my hands to fight, my fingers to win a war. God, a new song I will sing you. Triumph against the merchants of lies and falsehood. So happy is the nation that God is its God.