The Book of Jeremiah

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52 chapters of the sad prophet of doom and consequences.

  • Jeremiah 1: The Prophet is pre-destined for his dramatic mission to build and destroy Israel and other nations -- so the prophet self relates.

    19 verses. God intimates to the prophet Jeremiah that in retribution for the betrayal of Israel, an enemy will emerge from the North and threaten Israel. However, if Jeremiah manages to restore the worship of God, Israel will be saved.

  • Jeremiah 2: Dressing down Israel for its betrayal of God its Guide in its Youth

    37 verses. outcry against worshipping the other Gods around, claiming nothing wrong, trying to whitewash its sins, forgetting that God was Israel guide in its early years. God is mindful of the same. God says I have planted you with seeds of truth, how have you grown into a bitter poisonous vine? Verse 19: to Israel, your bad ways will torture you! Suggesting the core of Israel is pure indeed.

  • Jeremiah 3: Israel turns away from their Creator, oppress the orphan and the poor -- punishment is coming

    30 verses. The chapter declares that God is bringing on Israel a far away enemy speaking an alien tongue, all heroes. God will cancel this predicament if a man of faith is to be found in Israel. Alas, the people of Israel fail to realize that the power of the universe is commanding them His truth. They fail to realize that it is God who keeps the ocean limited by the beach sand. Israel worships idols erected by other people. The profound cry: Israel was endowed by God with eyes -- yet, Israel does not see. Israel was endowed by God with ears -- yet, hear they don't. And even common decency escapes them. How can God not punish a society that oppresses the orphans and the poor?

  • Jeremiah 4: Harsh punishment coming from the North, Israel betray God's call for life of Justice

    31 verses delivering a singular theme: a harsh punishment coming from the north, and all the vanity of ill life will be wiped away. Israel are smart, but do ill with their smart. The soul of Israel will be tired of the death, but death will come.

  • Jeremiah 5: Jerusalem is thoroughly corrupt, abusive towards the weak and harsh punishment is coming, cannot be otherwise!

    31 verses. Jeremiah finds in Jerusalem simple people and high level people immersed in corruption, and injustice, violating God's orders. He wonders why, God is the creator of the world! This affront must be met with a painful punishment, humiliating conquest by powerful brave soldiers. It is not possible for God not to afflict a fair punishment on this people who are not wise, have no a heart, have eyes but can't see, have ears but can't hear!

  • Jeremiah 6: corrupt rebellious leaders bring about a horrible subjugating enemy from the north.

    30 verses. Oh Israel: false leaders, corrupt leaders lead you astray to a false peace and a false prosperity while angry God commissions a brutal enemy from the north to put you in a state of deep mourning for horrific suffering by your angry God.

  • Jeremiah 7: Rage and Revenge on Sinful Israel, no social justice, no respect for God.

    34 verses. Bitter, poetic, angry promise of revenge and destruction to punish for lack of social justice for the widow and the orphan, and for worshipping idols. The generation Jeremiah spoke to is worse than their ancestors.

  • Jeremiah, 15: horror, destruction, death for disappointing God, and offer for protection on subjugation.

    21 verses. Most of the chapter is angry and cross in description of destruction and death. God says he lost his people like a father losing his son, and angry He is. People will decry their horrible fate and blame their mothers for bringing them to this life. The chapter ends with God saying to Israel: if you return to me, I will return you to my good graces. Rescue you from all the forces of evil that tear into you now.

  • Jeremiah chap 40: Babylon subjugates Israel, as Jeremiah prophecied

    16 verses, description of the handling of the the tribe of Judah under Babylon.

  • Jeremiha Chap 50: Babylon will be destroyed as she destroyed Israel

    46 verses, strong emotional poetically supreme, leash out: Babylon will be thoroughly and freightfully destroyed from a powerful merciless attacker from its north. The moral basis not clear. Unlike the case with Israel, there is no way out for Babylon. They are not the people of God. How come they suffer for obeying God's will taking over and breaking Israel? Hint in verse 24: God tested the virtue of Babylon by enticing them with Israel as prey. They failed, came down on Israel, and now deserve punishment. The chapter also refers to the leftover from Israel's destruction -- they will be forgiven (verse 20).