The First Prophets

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The First Prophets: The eventful history of Israel, the emerging nation, in the Land of Israel. When Israel is crossing over to the promised land they are led by the hand-picked successor of the venerable Moses: Joshua. When Joshua departs, the tribes of Israel are led by an occasional judge, arising to meet a uniting challenge. But soon the tribes become more structured and a unifying monarchy comes to pass. The first kings: Saul and David organize the emerging nation in its fights, especially against the stubborn enemy, the philistines. The new organization strengthen the nation who reaches its pinnacle when Solomon, David's son sits on the throne. After Solomon death, his kingdom raptures into a southern part (Yehuda), and a northern part (Israel). The factions often fight each other, and change many kings, some God fearing, most are evil, and eventually they succumb to powerful invaders from the north, first Israel, and then Yehuda, which is destroyed with the Temple in Jerusalem.