The story of Israel inheriting the promised land,(The Land of Israel), and then behaving so as not to deserve it, until they lose it.

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The sorry tale of opportunity missed. The new nation of Israel is credited with the special attention of God, his specific guidance, and the fulfilment of his promise for a secure and prosperous land (The Land of Israel). Alas, Israel is tempted away from God's guidance, attracts God's wrath, and His repeating punishments, which often bring Israel back on track for a while, but in the end Israel loses its country, and languishes in agony and defeat. (1200BC-500BC) The Prophets collection is divided into two parts:

  • First Prophets: the eventful history of Israel, the emerging nation, in the Land of Israel.
  • Latter Prophets: The Story of the failed, desperate yet persistent efforts of visionary individuals who realized that Israel trades its faith in eternity, ultimacy and knowledge for apparent immediacy, expediency and flimsiness.