Deuteronomy Part II
Chaps 31-34

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  • Devarim Chap 31: Moses Departs with a dire prophecy and its warning.

    20 verses. Moses assembles the leaders of Israel, tells them that at the ripe age of 120 he is done. The baton passes on to Yehoshua who will lead Israel to conquer and settle Israel. Moses foresees the future where Israel, well situated in the land, is seduced by the neighboring idol-worshippers, slips away from faith in God, triggering God's anger and retribution. And to bear witness Moses leaves for posterity the big poem written in the next chapter.

  • Devarim Chap 32: Moses thundering Poetic warning: remain faithful to God!

    43 verses beautiful language flowing theme: why are you Israel so stubborn, why are you abandoning the rock of perfection that is your God of justice fairness and faith, reaching out to new comers who never helped you and are unknown. Ask your elders, find out the history that resulted in the presence, and live faithfully in total worship of God. And then the poem described the horrific punishment that awaits Israel if it abandons God.

  • Devarim Chap 33: Individual blessings and prophecies to the twelve tribes

    29 verses. Each tribe is mentioned in the parting blessing of Moses, its characteristics is highlighted and celebrated. A very poetic, insightful chapter.

  • Devarim Chap 34: Moshe is shown the Promised Land before he passes on

    12 Verses. God takes Moshe Mt. Nevo, shows him the Promised Land to which he dedicated his last 40 years leading Israel out of Egypt. Then he passes, age 120, sharp eyed, and juiced up to the last day. He is buried 'there' but the location is unknown. The chapter asserts that there was never such a prophet seeing God face to face.