The Book of Genesis

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[ * Genesis Part I: The story of creation, and the first chapter of mankind (chapters 1-11) * ]
[ * Genesis Part II: The choice of the Jews, and their first chapter in history (chapter 12-36) * ]
[ * Genesis Part III: Jews: second chapter: the Egypt adventure. (chapter 37-50) * ]

The First divine record of the creation, the advent of man and the selection and formation of the sample nation -- God's choice: Israel. Comprised of 50 chapters and three parts by contents:

Part I: Chapters 1-11: The Story of Creation and the First Chapter of Mankind

The Story of the creation of the world, the making of man, and the early story of mankind, until God selects one man, Abraham, to be the father of a choice nation -- God's people: Israel.

Part II: chapter 12 - 36: The Story of Jews and their first Chapter in History

The story of the first three generations of Abraham's family, and their life in the land of Israel: the family that is to become a nation: Israel.

Part III: chapters 37-50: Story of the Jews -- The Egypt Chapter

The preamble to the first diaspora: Egypt. How it came about.