The Hebrew Bible

The Epic Story of Trying Again
Thematic Translation of the Original Text, Highlighting the Modern View of the Old Account: Recognition of Our Unbound Ignorance, and its Call for Humility and Exploration.
Draft. Comments Solicited

The spiritual Source Book for Jews and for religious people in the Western world. An Amazing Epic for Everyone

Comprised of three book collections: The Torah:Describing world history leading to the emergence of the people of Israel; telling the story of the emergence of Israel -- a divine showcase for God's principles. Prophets:The story of Israel inheriting the promised land,(The Land of Israel), and then behaving so as not to deserve it, until they lose it. The Writing:Commentary, Philosophy, Poetry, and Complementary stories regarding the history of Israel.

Time Frame: The beginning of history until ca. 250BC. The Bible describes the creation of the universe, and its early history.
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If it is not Perfect, Try Again!

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