The Hebrew Bible

The Epic Story of Trying Again
Thematic Translation of the Original Text, Highlighting the Modern View of the Old Account: Recognition of Our Unbound Ignorance, and its Call for Humility and Exploration.
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The spiritual Source Book for Jews and for religious people in the Western world. An Amazing Epic for Everyone

Comprised of three book collections: The Torah:Describing world history leading to the emergence of the people of Israel; telling the story of the emergence of Israel -- a divine showcase for God's principles. Prophets:The story of Israel inheriting the promised land,(The Land of Israel), and then behaving so as not to deserve it, until they lose it. The Writing:Commentary, Philosophy, Poetry, and Complementary stories regarding the history of Israel.

Time Frame: The beginning of history until ca. 250BC. The Bible describes the creation of the universe, and its early history.
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If it is not Perfect, Try Again!