This is NOT a soft, 'think-positive', 'God-is-Love', 'believe-in-yourself', 'It's going to be all right!' type website (quite a few interpreted it this way). It is not posted by a priest, nor a rabbi, not even a therapist, nor a professional spiritualist. I am an... engineer.
This TryAgain site offers an objective rational strategy to wrestle with daunting human challenges. It reflects decades of research and life-long experience; it is a universal approach to things that are hard to do. It is a practical conclusion derived from the premise of "The Unbound Ignorance" . This new site will outline case studies, a theoretical discussion, and a hands-on guide. It is intended to serve as a wisdom-hub for its community of contributors and developers.
The basic utility of this site is in its set of generic instructions that any visitor may apply to his or her intractable challenge. The instructions herein may seem abstract, and may require some interpretation effort to translate them to a given issue, but as the site evolves it will features more case studies, including a case or two similar to yours.
At present, I am giving seminars and workshops explaining this problem solving tool, write to me at: for details.
If you wish to contribute a case study to showcase the power of TryAgain, please don't hesitate. Same, if you wish to contribute a theoretical discussion point (all no nonsense submissions will be posted).
Again, there are many hyped, religious, and spiritual websites with the message "Try Again" anchored to sort of a guarantee of efficacy. None such guarantee here, this "TryAgain: The New Way" is rationally optimized to succeed, designed for people who may indeed be very spiritual, but who don't choose to abuse spirituality, nor to use it where rationality is at is best.
For the long run: "TryAgain: The New Way" hopes to grow into a rational, humanity-wide guide. The world strains under conflicting guides for righteous life; the history of war and destruction is the story of humanity divided by the inertia of irrational schools of faith. Let's recognize that rationality, commonsense, objectivity, science, innovation -- are the common ground we walk on, and where peace and prosperity shall be our shared lot.

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