About "TryAgain"


Going through my blessed life I experienced profound uneasiness about the world picture that was painted for me since my childhood. Like so many I have asked myself the 'big questions' of 'what is going on' 'what is the meaning of life, what is the explanation of reality', 'what is right, and what is wrong'. But unlike so many, I have not settled on a stand-in answer. Yet, I have not abandoned this quest either. I have dedicated my best effort to build the answer to these questions that on one hand did not receive a satisfying answer, as far as I am concerned, and on the other hand any answer to them seems high-minded, academic, useless and unnecessary for a fully engaged life.

I have made a concious decision not to use the "monk" strategy and not pursue these fundamental questions in a remote monastery (physically or virtually), and instead I plunged into the normal 'unexplained life' where I live today. I am an engineer, an entrepreneur, and a teacher. I have a wonderful family I enjoy, and I am grateful for my good fortune. My life was stormy at times, but blessed all the same.

I have reached a point in life where my life-long thoughts have nicely matured into a body of work I wish to share with the here and there kin-spirits that would appreciate learning what I have to say, the same way I wish I had a satisfying spiritual guidance when I grew up.

I intend to stay in touch with my readers,