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Technology Books

Tethered Money: Managing Digital Currency – The Technology, and the cryptography of digital currency, and electronic payment.

The Handbook of Digital Currency, Chap 20: – A plan to apply digital money technology to mint a global stable currency, to facilitate commerce and prosperity.

The Dawn of Digital Currency: Collection of essays, and technological briefs on the emerging economic reality due to digital money.

The Unending CyberWar: –A systematic cyber defense to protect information systems from a wide range of attacks, and recovery tools to bounce back fast.

Computer Organized Cost Engineering: – The systematic means to appraise cost-to- complete and time-to-finish of complex, innovative engineering undertakings.

The Innovation Turing Machine:– a comprehensive exposition of an algorithmic approach for systematic innovation -- for human use, and for artificial intelligence applications.

Literary Books

The Samuel Soul Trilogy: – Samuel Soul, a fictional character bearing similarities to the author, in search of meaning, and purpose, through intimate relationships, through science and engineering, and through artistic expression.

Fair Moon: – A collection of short stories – various facets of the author’s early life in Israel and America.

Unbound Ignorance: –A statement of the author’s philosophy – the idea that what we are ignorant about is so profound that once revealed it may turn upside down everything we hold dear and near today. And how this realization can be leveraged to become a guide for good living.

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