Pathfinding in the TryAgain Map

Facing a stubborn challenge, resisting direct try-again, the trier may invoke the TryAgain template, which opens up three path-categories: breakdown, extension, and abstraction. The question is now: which path to choose. The template path-finding protocol is comprised off 'ever deeper exploration rounds'. It is a strategy where one first spends little effort on examining the three path options for the purpose of choosing the most helpful. One path-category is chosen and pursued. If after a pre-set exploration time this pursuit is not productive, then the trier exercise a second round of comparing the three path categories, choosing one, and pursuing it. If not productive then the trier repeats the previous step with more effort invested. These rounds continue until either the original goal is achieved, or the TryAgain effort is directed elsewhere.

Once a path-category has been identified as most prospective, the pursuit of this path commences. The question then arises how long to stay put. This question is answered differently for human trier and for AI triers. Humans must act to counter their natural tendency. People are self aware as to whether they tend to be focus-blind, or TryAgain-Different frenzy.