The TryAgain Action Template

The TryAgain Template is an iterative action protocol that offers TryAgain refinement, over the basic option of trying again without any planned changes. The basic idea of the template is the "TryAgain Recursive Map". It is based on the TryAgain success-by-Indirection principle that says: If you tried and failed to achieve goal X, then look for goal, X', ('indirect goal') such that when X' is achieved, X will become more negotiable. The principle of success by indirection can be reapplied over X', as well as over X -- which is the basis of the TryAgain Recursive Map. After however many 'indirect goals' are tried, one returns to the original goal X,

The fact that each goal, the original and the indirect ones may all be treated with indirection, defines an open ended hierarchy -- tree.

The question now is how to identify an indirect goal X' for a given goal, X. The TryAgain template answers this question in the form of three fundamental road-areas: (i) breakdown, (ii) abstraction, and (iii) extension.


This three-way split develops to a corresponding TryAgain map:

Mathematically, let E(A) be the effort needed to achieve goal A. The for a goal X, we search for an indirect goal X' such that:

E(X') + E(X) | X' < E(X)

Namely, the effort to solve X' plus the effort to solve X, given that X' was solved, is smaller than the effort to solve X without having X' solved. Clearly then, X' is closely related to X.

We discuss below the three TryAgain indirection categories, and then elaborate on the way to find a good TryAgain pathway on the TryAgain map.