The TryAgain-Different Frenzy

Every attempt to solve a problem, to achieve a goal, has a fitting duration and application requirement. If that fitting measure is not applied then the effort will fail, and miscast a shadow on the trial. The steps taken will be regarded as wanting and non-producing, which will be a mistake. Had the trial been applied in full measure -- the goal would have been achieved. Too often nervous triers will make this mistake, discard a solution idea prematurely. This happens primarily in a situation where there are many candidates for solutions. The trier will then run through the list, applying each solution idea too briefly, and become more and more nervous and more and more irrational. It takes education and awareness of this "TryAgain-different" frenzy to combat this phenomenon. One has to know himself or herself and realize how serious it is for them. For AI triers, it is a matter of programming that can be rationally solved.