Religion for Our Time

Deriving Intellectual, Spiritual, and Emotional Guidance and Comfort from Coming to Terms with Our Unbound Ignorance.
Judaism 2.0

Religion is an inherent human need ill-served by traditional organized religions.

Religion is an emotionally-fortified Philosophy -- it is a philosophy that sustains us under duress, fear, and anger on one end, and it is a philosophy that keeps guiding us under euphoria, vanity, and thrill, on the other end. Religion is the means to identify within ourselves the deep-seated goal we should try and try again to achieve.

We identify our deep-seated goal by first deeply understanding our environment, which we currently don't because science revealed to us only a fraction of reality. We must though, do our best with the knowledge that we have, but remember that whatever we think is our deep-seated goal, is subject to periodic review as we learn more about the world we all find ourselves in.

What we know, what we enjoy, should be used to learn what we know not, and enjoy not.
Spiking ourselves with terminal happiness and intoxicating pleasure of the knowledge-so-far is the modern form of the Biblical idolatry of worshipping our handmade.
Unbound Ignorance (Commitment to the Ultimate Questions).