The Universal Imperative
The Anchor for Unshakeable Human Hopefulness

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Only The State of Death or The State of Perfection will excuse you from this universal bid to:

Try Again!

"Try Again" is an attitude, not an algorithm. It is an intent, not a prescription.

You Should Try Again Exactly as you tried and failed before, unless you can try it again in a better way!

Whenever there is a conflict between trying again to achieve your deep-seated original goal, and trying again a temporary, derived goal -- choose the former.

That is where people misstep. They remain hung up on a previously derived goal, and waste the juice of life on trying again and again to achieve a goal that if achieved will not serve the higher goal as much as a different disposition would have.
To ride high with this universal TryAgain bid, it is necessary to identify the deepest, most self-representing goal to be tried and tried again. This is the challenge!
Religion in its broadest definition is this very personal effort to find that one deepest goal that deserves your life-long ceaseless efforts, to try, and try again!
The Imperative of TryAgain should be practiced in a rational environment. Irrational disposition often abuses this imperative to feed its obsession. Rational Try Again is the formula for success!

Rational Living — Our Noble and Unachievable Goal

Fearful and Hopeful as we are, irrational behavior is unquenchable, but let’s fence it in!

Irrational behavior is blind to consequences, may be harmful and even deadly. But it satisfies emotional swelling within us. Albeit, it claims credit for so many valiant achievements where irrational persistence won the day.

Rationality acknowledges emotions, irrationality quashes logic — it’s a critical asymmetry! If you live rationally you can harness emotions for good purpose; if you live irrationally you abandon the power of reason to bring you closer to your ultimate goal.

A rational premise will appear valid regardless of your emotional state, it will appear rational to complete strangers. An irrational stance looks compelling when you are in one emotional state, and totally ridiculous when you are in a different emotional state. An irrational position looks objectionable to people who are not in the same spell.

Rationality endures and is community shared. It is the basis for living and thriving as a society.

The most common damage emanating from irrational living is stubborn burning of energy and resources in pursuit of a derived goal, long after it makes sense to do so. Hard goals require focus, commitment, and steadfastness, and as we gear up to them we generate inertia that keeps us going, regardless of whether this goal has become moot, or whether its higher-up goal can be better achieved through a different route. It’s the critical hard challenge to identify irrational inertia, and it is an even tougher challenge to break it.

We go through life gearing up our emotional make-up to give us the focus, the energy to achieve our goals, but we must do so within a rational framework. Only our raison d’être deserves our unconditional pursuit. Goals below that are negotiable and subject to rational management.

This is our challenge, this is the definition of nobility — the pursuit of rational living. We may never get to this promised land, but we may get closer and closer.

The Hebrew Bible: The Most Epic Story of Trying Again .