TryAgain Using What You Learned Since Last Time

You are not the same as you were the last time you tried. You learned something. You can use it to Try Again better.

TryAgain the same, less, or more; Try Again the Most Recent, or the One Before!

You don't have to copy-cat yourself. Perhaps it is better to try small, or alternatively you should try on a larger scale. Perhaps you should Try Again what you tried earlier and changed away from. It's all on the table -- bet right!

Don't Try Anything, Not Worth Trying Again!'

You have so many things that are so desirable that failing to get them should only prompt you to Try Again, that it would be a misuse of your energy to try something that is not worth trying again.

Try Again: The New Way
TryAgain: Traditional Traditionally one would try, and try again, and again, repeating the same action, expecting different results. It's not necessarily a senseless strategy because things never stay the same, and what failed before, might succeed hereafter. However, one is likely to be more effective if one identifies an easier, related, problem, such that if solved, it will make it easier to solve the original problem. And if that derived problem proves too hard then the same strategy should be applied on it: to find a still easier, albeit related, challenge that once negotiated, makes it easier to solve the problem from which it was derived. And from there, one climbs back to the original challenge with renewed hope for a triumphant solution. This strategy applies regardless of the nature of the original stubborn challenge. Inquire for Details

TryAgain: The Difference Between A Model and Reality
In our minds we build models to describe our reality. That is what science is all about; that is how we operate as a society. And models are the basis of personal planning, hope, despair. We tend to forget that however elaborate our model, it is shy of what there is out there. And that gap between reality and our picture of it, is the source of both our fear and our hope. And while in a model of reality it makes no sense to repeat and try again what was tried and failed before — in reality itself, not in its model, try again is the way to go. Remember: the daunting rationale to not try again a failed strategy refers only to your mental model of reality. Reality per se is much much richer, more elaborate and more surprising than your model thereto. Kick off — Try Again!

TryAgain: The New Way


The Alternative to TryAgain is to Loosen One's Grip on Life.


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