The Universal Imperative
The Anchor for Unshakeable Human Hopefulness

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Only The State of Death or The State of Perfection will excuse you from this universal bid to:

Try Again!

"Try Again" is an attitude, not an algorithm. It is an intent, not a prescription.

You Should Try Again Exactly as you tried and failed before, unless you can try it again in a better way!

Whenever there is a conflict between trying again to achieve your deep-seated original goal, and trying again a temporary, derived goal -- choose the former.

That is where people misstep. They remain hung up on a previously derived goal, and waste the juice of life on trying again and again to achieve a goal that if achieved will not serve the higher goal as much as a different disposition would have.
To ride high with this universal TryAgain bid, it is necessary to identify the deepest, most self-representing goal to be tried and tried again. This is the challenge!
Religion in its broadest definition is this very personal effort to find that one deepest goal that deserves your life-long ceaseless efforts, to try, and try again!